Youth Movements for String Orchestra


Composer: Kirt Mosier
Publisher: Kirt Mosier
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Youth Movements is a string orchestra work that was commissioned in 2015 by one of the finest high school orchestras in the nation, Clayton High School, directed by Julie Hoffman. This piece is a professional level work that evokes emotion from snapshots of a child’s life up to the point they leave home. Movement 1: Joy (Beginnings) begins with a beautiful violin duet that crescendos until the end of the movement. It signifies the joy of new life and the hopeful sounds of the orchestration lead it to its climactic ending. Movement 2: Angry Tot tells the story of a temper tantrum thrown by a toddler even to the point of tiring and sleeping at the end of the movement. Movement 3: First Love is a heartfelt duet between violin and viola that captures the feelings of that first great love in life. Movement 4: Ambition is the triumphant youth leaving to conquer the world.

Youth Movement 1: Joy (Beginnings)

Youth Movement 2: Angry Tot

Youth Movement 3: First Love

Youth Movement 4: Ambition

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